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The Digital University NRW and Research Data Management University of Siegen

At the University of Siegen, there is the E-Science-Infra team that meets every fortnight on a regular basis to further the research data management at the University. The main discussions are about the handling of research data, consulting services and the provision of technical infrastructures.

This team consists of experts from the University Library of Siegen and ZIMT that work closely together. Both partners in this team are also in a close cooperations within Northrhine-Westphalia. They work together with the other universities in NRW and also with the Digital University NRW. The latter derives out of a further development of the working group DV (data processing), DV-ISA.

The Digital University in NRW has set itself the goal to network with other digitisation activities in NRW. It wants to fulfill the challenges of providing the heterogenous data of the individual disciplines, as well as looking after the big data that the scientists produce.

The Digital University intends to help implementing digitisation projects.

In the subproject INF of the SFB 1187, there are already numerous workshops and research going on regarding the analysis for the creation of awareness of research data management at the University of Siegen as part of the Digital University in NRW.

For further information please go to: Umgang mit digitalen Daten in der Wissenschaft: Forschungsdatenmanagement in NRW – Eine erste Bestandsaufnahme – http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.200429 (German Only)

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